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Huntenkunst 10

Doetinchem, Gruitpoort Galerie / Ulft, Galerie bij de Boeken / The Netherlands
29/04/2010 – 05/06/2010


Huntenkunst 2010 will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th of May, 2010 for the eighteenth time at the hall in Sportpark Zuid in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.
This art manifestation covers all the disciplines, from plastic art, sculptures, paintings to graphic and media-art. More than 150 artists from several countries will take part in Huntenkunst. Every year Huntenkunst wants to put the spotlight on different country. These countries were successively: Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Austria. In 2010 Croatian artists will get a special place. During and after Huntenkunst the works of Croatian artists will be exhibited from 29th April to 5th June in Galerie bij de Boeken-Ulft and in the Gruitpoort Galerie-Doetinchem.

Croatian selection for Huntenkunst 2010:  Elvis Berton, Vitar Drinkovic, Romina Dusic, Margareta Lekic, Ljiljana Mihaljevic, Martina Miholic, Duje Suvar and Jasika Vuco Cesnovar.

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