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Koper / Slovenia / Galerija Loža
31/11/2007 – 15/01/2008

photographs_koper_slikaThe exhibition Photographs is a continuation of dealing with key questions of contemporary photography in Obalne galerije Piran. After last year’s exhibition Intimate, which primarily revealed the authors’ intimate space through projections of its reality, objectivity of life in representation, this year’s exhibition is in some sense set on the opposite bank. Instead of seeking, weaving stories from reality, describing real life in its exceptionality and uniqueness, there is original, newly created reality, with no intention of telling any story absent in this space and time. Photographic techniques are essentially bound to referentiality in the material world, as are also the photographs in this exhibition. However, reality, the real world of external phenomena, occurs in them more as direct confrontation than in the form of photographic mirroring. In their underlying approach, the works retreat from representation of the photographed object and above all pose themselves as the final reality, the final stage and ultimate form of pure presence.

From some points of view, the works can be attached to various traditions from modernist formal abstraction to conceptualist practices which explorations of the media itself have opened. What gives these works authenticity is above all reinstating relations to contemporaneity and concepts of reality in it.